Metroid Other: M gameplay almost looks as hot as Samus

I think it’s completely reasonable to have some doubts about how Metroid: Other M might turn out. Sure, it’s Team Ninja at the helm, but third-person combined with 3D hasn’t been attempted with this franchise before and lots of things could go very wrong. This new gameplay trailer gives me a little more confidence.

I love the way this game uses a combination of 2D and 3D. The run and gun of the corridor sections and the arena-style combat are an interesting juxtaposition. Hopefully the first-person stuff works smoothly, as stopping to shoot is something that worries me a bit. All in all, I’m just getting more curious to see the final result because of how enormous the potential is.

Oh, and there’s a weird, “Star Child” moment in the beginning of the trailer. I’m sure there’s a great reason for it in the plot and I’m not criticizing. It’s just the first thing I thought of while watching it and had to go back to make sure I’d seen what I thought I did.

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