Metro 2033 Redux and Everything are free on the Epic Games Store

From September 26 to October 3

This week’s free Epic Games Store titles are an unlikely pair: David OReilly’s Everything, a simulated adventure about playing as, well, (almost) everything, and Metro 2033 Redux, the start of 4A’s atmospheric shooter series. If you’re reading this article before October 3, you’re not too late!

Everything is a novel experience one I think many of us can appreciate but plenty of people didn’t necessarily want to pay full price for at launch. It’s the type of attention-grabbing concept that will continue to find fans for years to come, thanks in part to deals and giveaways. Watch the trailer!

Metro 2033, on the other hand, can be brutal. I often feel like I need to be in the right headspace to get the most out of these games, for better or worse. You tend to get back what you put in.

I’m particularly excited about the next freebie, Minit, given that not nearly enough people played it. This charming, condensed take on Zelda-like adventures will be free to claim starting Thursday, October 3.

Free Games Collection [Epic Games Store]

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