Meteos Wars Planet Pack is available, don’t trip on the way to the 360

The Xbox Live Arcade version of Meteos Wars has received its first bit of downloadable content. It’s called the Planet Pack and it’s a package of nine different planets to add to your game. As Siliconera pointed out, only two of the planets have been deemed new. Q Entertainment must have dropped its creative bone somewhere in the cosmos because it seems very likely that the other seven planets are from the Nintendo DS version.

When I played Meteos Wars for review, I had a good time. I thought the gameplay was a bit too hectic, but I appreciated the variety of planets. Planets are the driving force of the game – each one has unique abilities and allow for a more diverse experience.

The Planet Pack is 350 Microsoft Points, a mere 100 points more than one of those awesome premium themes.

Brad BradNicholson