Metallica’s ‘Death Magnetic’ coming to Guitar Hero III and World Tour

Today, Metallica announced on their official Web site that their upcoming album, Death Magnetic, will be available for download on Guitar Hero III the day it debuts in stores. If only being able to act like a guitarist is not enough to suit your fancy, don’t worry. Death Magnetic will also be available on Guitar Hero World Tour this fall.

I always wanted an opportunity to play the drums like Lars, or groan like Hetfield. I wonder if this upcoming album will be able to match the inspiring records of old. Hopefully, we won’t be bothered with another “St. Anger.” What the hell was with Lars’ drum kit on that CD anyway? It sounded like he had a cat tethered across the snare.

According to GuitarHeroNews, the album is set to drop this September. No price point or exact date has been pinpointed as of yet. What do you guys think of this move? I always visualized playing some of Metallica’s older stuff, like what has been previously offered — not necessarily a brand new album. Do you think this will open doors to the entire Metallica library?

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