Metal Slug teams up with The Battle Cats

Remember Metal Slug?

My experience with Metal Slug Defense is watching former Destructoid writer Jim Sterling suffer through its free-to-play trappings for a video. My experience with The Battle Cats, a similar strategy game about overwhelming your opponent’s base, is playing it on and off for a day and forgetting it was even on my phone until just now. (Though I do still love the design of that leggy cat.)

The two properties are collaborating for a limited-time event inside The Battle Cats. Now until November 4, 2015, players can earn Rare Capsules containing 11 different Metal Slug characters, including bosses like the Huge Hermit (that is its actual name) and Jupiter King (much better).

There’s a Metal Slug-themed stage, too, complete with a Hard+++ challenge.

Now that I’m in full-on “I have a problem” mode with Pokémon Shuffle, there’s zero room for me to judge people who pour time or money into either of these games. We all have our vices.

Metal Slug Defense x The Battle Cats [Ponos]

Jordan Devore
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