Metal Slug, Contra to eat heart out

Forget Contra or Metal Slug — let the Super Furry Animals satisfy your craving for sidescrolling shooters! The video for “Lazer Beam” brings together all of the critical aspects of great sidescrollers: big guns, tight pastel shirts, wrap-around sunglasses, and a homo-erotic villain. It’s true that S.F.A. are lacking in the color-coded bandana department, but they make up for it with the creative spelling of “lazer.”
The video, complete with dancing cyborg-skeleton things, compliments the song nicely; that is to say that it’s every bit as quirky and fun as the song. For other music-video-cum-scridescroller action, check out Boy Soprano and Do the Whirlwind.
[thanks, Scrape!] 
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