Metal Slug Anthology: it’s everywhere!

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Metal Slug, one of my favorite run and gun series, is now propagating its Metal Slug Anthology onto the PS2 today. This little fact prompts me to ask the questions: how do you prefer your Metal Slug? With the game on the Wii, PSP, and now PS2, there are three different ways to play these games. Now, I guess to some extent this question also goes for something like Sega Classics Collection, since it’s available on the PS2 and PSP.

To stretch this even further, let’s apply it to the Final Fantasy remakes we’ve recently seen for the DS. Some people argue that it shouldn’t have been remade, and that the original versions of the game should have been put on the Virtual Console. Anyways, let’s tackle all these thoughts after the jump.

So, my primary question is this: do you prefer to play these retro games on the console or on the handheld? Personally, I believe that the games on the NES, SNES, and Genesis are best fit for a handheld: these games are usually pick up and play, and don’t require a sit-down type experience. The PSP has proved this with all the homebrew emulation that’s taken place on the system. On the Virtual Console or the PS2, I think that it feels like too short of an experience on a console, and having 20 games on one disc feels like I’ll have ADD.

My next question: should the games be touched up at all? Final Fantasy I and II are to be released on the PSP soon, but at $40 a piece, that’s way too steep, even with the extras that they’ll be adding. Games like Final Fantasy and other RPGs, I believe, should stay on something like the Virtual Console. I feel like I’m dedicating too much time to the game on a handheld, and it would also allow for much more reasonable pricing than what the current pricing is.

So what’s your preference for playing retro games and compilation discs?

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