Metal Gear Survive needs an internet connection to survive

Snake, you’ve gone offline. Snake…SNAKE?!!!

In what is becoming a sadly common trend, Konami has updated their official website to inform users that for the spin-off, “an internet connection is required.” While co-op would obviously make sense as being online only, why would the single-player campaign necessitate such a requirement?

The recently released Gran Turismo Sport did the same thing and it makes little sense. When a game is focused entirely on multiplayer or couldn’t exist without internet connectivity (like an MMO or even some arena shooters), then it becomes easier to swallow, but how does Metal Gear Survive necessitate such a stipulation?

My only answer would be that Konami wants to shove microtransactions in everyone’s faces, much like they did to Metal Gear Solid V. At least that game still provided an offline option; Survive isn’t getting that kind of luxury. I can’t think of any other reason.

So if you weren’t interested in Survive for its co-op action, you better pray that your internet doesn’t go out or that you don’t live on a military base. Welcome to the future, my friends!

METAL GEAR SURVIVE – Products Page [Konami]

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