Metal Gear Survive is getting Castlevania and Silent Hill crossovers for Halloween


Metal Gear Survive didn’t survive long enough to make it into my usual lineup of monthly shooters, but it is shambling along in some form or another eight months after launch.

Konami has announced that in addition to Castlevania cassette tapes (which play music from the series — including Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night), Survive is also crossing over with Silent Hill in the form of a Pyramid Head outfit. This will all be coming by way of a Halloween event, which runs from October 23 through November 6. The kicker? You can’t just jump in and have fun, no: you need to have beaten the campaign.

So if you’re willing to do that, you have several weeks to grab these extras. Imagine if Konami went all out with Survive, giving Kojima a nominal and respectful credit at the start, and instead going with the “all-stars” route that mashed up decades of Konami history in the Fox Engine (playable Alucard, Bomberman bomb weapons, this thing writes itself). It probably would have been an easy hit and an instant apology for the treatment of Kojima in one fell swoop.

Konami [Twitter]

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