Metal Gear Solid: the Essential Collection

Konami sends word that new Metal Gear game collection is on its way to prepare you for the Metal Gear Solid 4 release.

The Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection is coming to the PlayStation 2. It contains the original Metal Gear Solid for the PlayStation as well as directors cuts of Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 in a commemorative package with artwork by renowned MGS artist Yoji Shinkawa.

“Since its inception, the Metal Gear Solid franchise has been one of the most successful game series in the history of video games, receiving worldwide recognition and praise,” said Anthony Crouts, Vice President of Marketing for Konami Digital Entertainment Inc. “Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection represents a great value for gamers, bringing together three must-have classic titles which pioneered the stealth action genre.”

I don’t know that this collection is “essential” to any MGS fan. I’d guess that most of them already have these titles. If not, though, the price of $29.99 for this collection breaks down to $10 a game. Not bad, right?

Nothing against this collection, but I’d recommend the Gamecube remake Twin Snakes, which looks great on the Wii in 480p, instead. Between this and a $10 copy of MGS3, you’d be set.

Dale North