Metal Gear Solid 4 keychains are badass

There’s only one thing lacking from the Metal Gear Solid experience. Keychains! Who else could you entrust your keys and Borders reward tags to than Solid Snake himself? Japanese Capsule toy company System Service has unleashed a new set of Metal Gear Solid 4 keychains, and they don’t just look classy. They speak to you as well.

This set of keychains is actually a follow-up to the near-impossible-to-find “Ration Sound” chains. This time around, the keychains include voice samples for a number of characters, including Old Snake, Liquid Ocelot and Otacon. The crown jewel, however, is the Exclamation keychain which plays the classic discovery sound that has become a series icon. 

In Japan, you can get these keychains from dispenser machines or find them for individual purchase. We filthy roundeyes can pre-order them from this online import shop, where a complete set will cost you $30.90.

Jim Sterling