Metal Gear Online ‘SCENE’ expansion trailer has Vamp on Raiden action

Two trillion years ago, before the dinosaurs decided to create Earth, Konami announced Metal Gear Online’s third expansion pack, ‘SCENE.’ The downloadable content won’t be available until March, but that hasn’t stopped me from salivating. In addition to bringing new maps and gear, it is also introducing two very special characters into the multiplayer fold: Vamp and Raiden.

We brought you screens when we reported on the announcement, but now we have video (after the break) of the two characters in action. Raiden is sword batty and Vamp can throw knives. I haven’t the slightest idea how that will translate to the multiplayer experience. I’m hoping if you purchase Vamp, you’ll get special regenerative abilities — something that I desperately need to survive the hardcore crowd in MGO.

If you’re really excited about this content, you can go to this broken link in March and pre-order ‘SCENE’ with PayPal or your PlayStation Wallet pretend money.

Brad BradNicholson