Metal Gear Online gets map inspired by Shadow Moses, more

Konami promised would make Metal Gear announcements all week, and so far it’s holding to it.

Today, Konami has announced a new map, a character, and a reward mode for Metal Gear Solid Online are available in an update now. Based on the “Shadow Moses” map from the first Metal Gear Solid, “Icebound Inferno,” takes place on a snowy, Arctic Island. Konami suggests it’s best for medium- to long-range combat, but we suggest you wear a sweater.

Additionally, the download let’s players use “Old Snake” as a character, along with the Octo-cam suit as a weapon. The suit will auto-blend with the environment, instead of simply making Snake invisible. Because that would be unfair, and Konami apparently knows how whiny everyone can get.

Finally, with the update comes an “Auto Matching Reward” mode, which will give match winners more reward points than usual. When playing an individual match in the mode, only the winner will receive points; when playing in a team, only the person ranked first gets the loot.

If you’re wondering what yesterday’s big Metal Gear announcement was, prepare for disappointment. It was announcing the availability of the Greatest Hits version of Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PlayStation 3. I suppose being able to get one of 2008’s most critically acclaimed games for $19.99 isn’t too shabby, though.

Nick Chester