Metal Gear Online gameplay video: Insert witty headline here

Fancy some new gameplay footage from Metal Gear Online? If that’s what you woke up hoping for this morning, then fret not, because we have you covered. This is a nice lengthy slice of sniper gameplay, showing how oddly subdued an online Metal Gear game is going to potentially be compared to the explosions and homophobic taunting we’ve come to commonly associate with multiplayer gaming. Notice the keyword though — potentially.

In the right hands of the right players, this could be a thoughtful, strategic, more mature online gaming experience that we don’t see enough of in the action genre. In the more likely and numerous wrong hands of wrong players, however, one can expect to see Metal Gear Online ignore all the original core gameplay and devolve into a mindless run n’ gun fragfest. Kind of like what happened with Gears of War. I have some moderate hope that Metal Gear, of all games, can move away from the same old shotgun blasting garbage, but it’s not ultimately up to the developers, it’s up to the gamers how this finally plays online when they begin shaping the landscape of MGO to the the style of the masses.

And the masses are generally all pieces of trash.

[TheGoldenDonut did a tip on the floor] 

James Stephanie Sterling