Metal Arms, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory headed to Xbox Originals

Before we even start — yes, you can get the following Xbox games from either your online or B&M store of choice for a much lower price than Xbox Originals charges. However, when you factor in the sheer convenience of the downloadable service, it’s really not so terrible.

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory will be available for 1200 Microsoft Points each come this Monday. Since I’ve played no more than a whopping 10 minutes of Chaos Theory, I’m going to take this opportunity to pimp Metal Arms instead.

To make a long story short, Metal Arms is a clever, humorous, all-around challenging (General Corrosive is so cheap) third-person shooter that didn’t do nearly as well commercially as it did critically. If you haven’t gotten to play it yet, there’s simply no reason why you shouldn’t download it on Monday.

Hell, even Lord Sterling loves it.

[Via Gamasutra

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