Metacritic responds to more fanboy ‘score war’ nonsense … we smell a rat

This was already addressed, but it seems like fanboys are still causing trouble with their tendency to use Metacritic’s user reviews as giant wang-measuring contests. Feeling the sting from having Killzone 2‘s user rating reduced to kibble by 360 fetishists, it would appear on the surface that Sony fans responded in kind to upcoming 360 exclusive Halo Wars, giving it a delightful 0.8 out of 10. That’ll hurt sales!

This recently made news because people were wondering why Metacritic was still allowing this kind of silliness to continue. However, Metacritic has claimed that this was indeed dealt with, and the Halo Wars scoring happened before the new rules came into effect. Case closed, right? Maybe not.

See, we got to thinking, and we believe this might run far deeper. On the surface, this would indeed look like Microsoft and Sony fanboys having pissing competitions while fiddling with their testicles and snogging laminated photographs of Jack Tretton and Shane Kim. However, Jonathan Holmes offered a very intriguing question, one that has not been asked — where were all the Nintendo fanboys when this was going down?

Indeed, Wii titles seemed relatively unscathed during the whole fiasco, while PS3 and Xbox 360 exclusives were the ones having their user ratings unfairly fiddled with. Far be it from us to suggest that certain waggle fans are the machiavellian villains pulling the strings here, but think about it. Who would get more pleasure from setting two factions against each other and then laughing like capricious Gods as they sip their chiante?

It’s always the ones you least suspect.

Jim Sterling