Merry Xmas: PSX emulator released for PSP

I stumbled across the above video while douching around with YouTube, trying to upload videos of my cat messing with my Christmas tree. I know, exciting stuff. But what you’re seeing is someone playing the classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on their PSP. For real. So I did some research…

Today, someone who calls himself “Dark_Alex” has released a custom PSP firmware update that allows users to play “custom” PSX images on their PSP. From

Dark_Alex has released PSP firmware v3.02 OE-B, this is a custom PSP firmware with many benefits and now the ability to play your own PSX game images! No longer do you have to wait for PSOne games to show up at the store, grab and discuss the release at DA’s official release thread. How can we eve repay DA? Well you can paypal him a few dollars at [email protected], this is his paypal addy and I’m sure he certainly wouldn’t mind a few more bucks at this capital intensive time of year :).

All of a sudden, I’m wishing Santa had brought me a PSP this year. Of course, there’s no way Sony is going to let this slide, so expect a mandatory firmware in about 23 minutes.

Nick Chester