Merry Christmas from Sony! Metal Gear Solid LittleBigPlanet packs hit on 12/23

If you’ve been collecting LittleBigPlanet costumes since the game’s release, you ought to have a nice closetful by now, but let’s not kid ourselves: we’ve all been waiting for those Sephiroth and Snake costumes. it’s hard not to be a little in love with a surly, sackboy version of Snake, you know?

Stuff this in your stocking: as of December 23rd, you can have them! The Metal Gear Solid Premium Costume pack comes with Solid Snake, Meryl Silverburgh, Screaming Mantis & Raidenfor $5.99 (or you can just buy any individual one you want for $1.99).

Of course, the level pack has goodies to offer too, one of them being the Gurlokovich Soldier costume you see above. There’s more, though: 72 stickers, 10 decorations, 12 materials and 18 objects, and a virtual sh*tload of new music tracks and items that will allow you to build the Metal Gear-themed levels of your dreams.

Check out more pics over at PlayStation Blog. I can’t wait to fire these up and run around making a complete fool of myself!

Colette Bennett