Merry Christmas from Destructoid: Now what did you get?

Merry Christmas to you and yours on this fine festive morning! Let’s get all that love and peace sh*t out of the way right now and cut straight to the point of the holiday — raw, unfettered, selfish materialism! That’s what it’s all about, right? Getting free swag. Unless you’re an orphan, of course, in which case you get BUGGER ALL!

So once again, Destructoid asks the all-important question: What in the name of Sweet Blue Jesus did YOU get!? Let us know what sweet gifts you received this year from people trying to curry favor with you or hoping that you bought them something more expensive.

Feel free to hit the jump, too, to see what the Destructoid staff got. Well, those among the staff who aren’t already too drunk to type. Also, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, GUYS!

Sterling: My wife got me a snazzy new MP3 player so I don’t have to keep using my PSP as an inefficient makeshift. Also got an hilarious roll of toilet paper that was part of my mother-in-law’s cavalcade of joke presents. Oh how we laughed. Laughed until we wept openly. There was much weeping.

Aziz: Nothing!


Tolentino: My family is great. I received an economic aid package that will cover my recent casualties. That and and awesome shirt.

They’re also great because my nephew got a fucking NERF Vulcan I can steal.

Zimmerman: I wouldn’t get too excited about that Vulcan. Ours jams constantly. Now, the new drum-fed assault shotgun, on the other hand, is badass.

DMV: I tend not to get videogames at Christmastime, because I’ll buy the titles I want right off the bat. So this year I got the complete Beatles box set, the Last Night on Earth board game, several books and clothing related items. I really can’t wait to look through all the wonderful photos in Scott Schuman’s The Sartorialist book. Oh, and the first season of Mad Men and Gao Gai Gar. I am very much looking forward to some hot-blooded man action.

Holmes: Me and my wife got matching Super Mario Bros 3 pajama pants from my mom, and are currently wearing them as we eat French toast and watch one of the gifts I got for her; the 13th Anniversary Edition of Cannibal: The Musical.

As for games, I got Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, Scribblenauts, Mario and Luigi: Inside Story, and LoZ: Spirit Tracks. I would’ve bought them all for myself by now, but my angry mother wanted to give them to me for Christmas, so I had to wait. Now I have them all, and it’s a little overwhelming. I’ve only I started in on Spirit Tracks, and it’s way better than I expected it to be. The whole “Ghost Zelda” thing feels really natural and cool, and I love seeing Toon Link in a full-fledged, non-Waterworld Hyrule Overworld again. Haven’t had that since The Minish Cap in 2005.

My favorite thing about Christmas this year has been watching the first episode of Sesame Street with the whole family. Did you know that in the beginning, Oscar the Grouch was orange, and Big Bird had no fucking head?!? It’s true. He just had a face and a neck. It’s almost too creepy to be real. To me, it’s just as weird as if Gordon got his jaw blown off in the opening scene. Also, Ernie takes a bath in his living room, and Bert totally checks him out. It’s the kind of stuff they just wouldn’t do on PBS today.

I also got some shirts and a book or something.

Davis: See gallery picture! The Nerf machine gun is Anthony’s.



Jim Sterling