Meow: Blade Kitten bares its claws in first video

We would have loved to have shown you Blade Kitten yesterday when it was announced, but GameTrailers had gotten their claws into the exclusive.

Now that it’s many hours later (because that’s how long exclusive lasts these days… hours), here it is — the world premiere of the upcoming PlayStation Network action platformer, Blade Kitten. Designed by the folks who made Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, the game follows Kit Ballard, a half cat half girl… thing. Every gamer’s dream, I think, right?

Game actually looks pretty solid, and judging from what developer Krome Studios is saying, should have a hefty “full retail” game feel. As opposed to those “half retail” games that are becoming the industry norm.

You can check out more details on Blade Kitten, which is scheduled to hit PlayStation Network this Spring, from yesterday’s post.

Nick Chester