Melty Blood strikes Steam on April 19

Just in time for the holidays

Melty Blood Actress Again is coming to Steam on April 19, Arc System Works has announced.

The fighting game is the third in a series based on Type-Moon visual novels Tsukihime and Kagetsu Tohya, the first of which was released at Japanese doujin festival Comiket in December 2002.

Actress Again was initially released in 2008 for Sega’s NAOMI arcade system, before being ported to PlayStation 2 the following year and finally PC in 2011 with new online multiplayer functionality.

The game’s roster sports a total of 31 characters, all of which have three distinct combat styles that alter how everything from life bars and special gauges to basic attacks and supers work.

The Melty Blood series is developed by French Bread and Ecole Software, the same studios behind fighting games like Under Night In-Birth: Exe:Late and Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax.

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code [Steam]

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