Megaton Rainfall let me be Superman at EGX 2015

Gotta fly fast

I got to have a wander around EGX 2015 in Birmingham last week, and found myself spending quite a lot of time in the indie section of the show floor.

There were games using puppets and door-stoppers, games with big and fancy displays, games that managed to take up entire rows of computers, but there was one game I want to make sure everyone’s aware of: Megaton Rainfall.

Sat on a humble two screens in EGX’s Leftfield Collection (or “The narrow, crushing corridor of really, really indie stuff”), and promoted by just one lonely poster, Megaton Rainfall didn’t look particularly interesting until I sat down to give it a try.

Developer Alfonso del Cerro’s Megaton Rainfall is a first-person superhero game. Putting you in control of a very Dr. Manhattan-type character, your job is to fly around the entire planet and into space to help protect the cities of the world from an alien invasion. You need to fly to try and find the invaders, and put a stop to them before they level the city.

The game also has some really cool destruction effects. Buildings crumbling, being lifted up into the sky and ripped in half, and all kinds of shit you’d normally expect from a Dead Space cutscene. If you’re a bad aim like me you’ll be seeing this destruction a lot, as shots you fire can be just as dangerous as the ones coming from the aliens.

It’s strange how such a small game was one of the most memorable things I played at EGX, but it felt really good to fly around and insanely fast speeds and fight creatures that look like they’d  be right at home in Independence Day.

Megaton Rainfall is aiming for a Q1 2016 release. You can see the trailer up top, or you can visit the official website here

Oh, and the game will have VR support when it releases too. Now all we need is Dr. Manhattan’s dick flopping around and we’ve got ourselves the perfect game.

Joe Parlock