Megaton Musashi still exists, this trailer proves it

From Jump Festa

I’ve  been covering Megaton Musashi (which is definitely not a Brave Fencer Musashi sequel) for around…four years now.

In typical bombastic Level-5 fashion the IP was originally supposed to be this huge toy and media line spearheaded by the game, but plans changed. Not only did Level-5 have less trucks of money coming in from Yo-kai Watch to toss around, but the 3DS slowly started meeting its fate at the hand of the Switch. From there, it morphed from a big 3DS exclusive to a Switch and mobile game.

The thing is, it still hasn’t launched yet. Every so often Level-5 will parade it around and remind us it exists (usually twice a year), and thanks to a new trailer from the recent Jump Festa event, we’re getting one of those this week. Like most Level-5 projects I’m just ready to give it a shot once the thing is actually finished.

For now, “coming soon” is all we have to go by.

Chris Carter
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