Mega64 wants to know where the terrorists at

Mega64’s latest Ubisoft ads are for Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, which just came out this week. They released three ads plus one bonus behind the scenes video (all after the jump) and I have to say that this is some of my favorite ads from them yet. This first video is completely different from any of the their stuff before and it’s simply fantastic. I’d describe it, but then it would ruin the video. Just watch it and enjoy the music.
Two more ads, behind the scenes video and crazy ass tourists after the jump.

In their second video, Mega64 wants to know where the terrorists are in Las Vegas. They ask tourists and citizens of Vegas where they think they are and some of the answers are hilarious. Every time Mega64 does something involving the public, the people they find keep getting weirder and crazier than ever.

In the third ad, the Rainbow Six marketing team tries to figure out a way to let everyone know about the upcoming release of the game. One of the marketing team members thinks that exploding a bomb would work. There’s just one small problem with that idea though … 

The behinds the scenes video shows off some outtakes from the first two videos. I’m really amazed at how Mega64 keeps finding crazier and crazier people. 

Hamza Aziz