Mega64 says: If you’re not indie, F*CK YOU

And I am inclined to agree. Enjoy this new Mega64 video, featuring a variety of non-indie persons from all walks of life, receiving a well-deserved punch in their stupid faces. Although I’m not sure the one landed on the girl with the Slurpee was quite warranted, but who am I to judge? 

You may have already seen this video as part of my ritualistic celebration of Friday in my community blog, but upon noticing that it had not also found its way to the front page, Niero promptly punched me in the face in much the same manner as is seen in the video. And let me tell you, the man packs a wallop. Anyway, enjoy the vid, which I would watch along with you were it not for the fact that my eye is now swollen shut.

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