Mega64: BioShock Bees vs Portal’s cake

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The Backyard Messiahz are back, yo! In this latest skit from Mega64 for their second SpikeTV VGA ad, Kingg With a K defends BioShock as he fights Parlament who’s defending The Orange Box. The fight looks like Parlament is going to win with his knife and cake but then Kingg With A K unleashes the bees!

Hit the jump for the extremely funny bloopers.

The best thing about the Backyard Messiahz skits from Mega64 is that they’re usually improvised right on the spot. The first time I saw the Backyard skits, I really couldn’t stand them. But then I got my Mega64 Time DVD from Rocco at E For All and watched the skits again. I don’t know what it was about watching them again, but I have to say they have now become my favorite skits.

Also, Mega64 Volume 1 and Volume 2 DVDs are both on sale for $9.99 each right now! That’s less than half the normal prices and if you order them together, they’re going to knock off an additional $3. If you’ve been slacking and pushing off purchasing the DVDs, now is the perfect time to strike before they sell out. 

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