Mega Man X Ride Armor figures on display at New York Toy Fair

$50 each

One of the most profound parts of the original Mega Man X (which crazily came out in 1993, super early into the SNES’ lifecycle) was its ride armor. There were many vehicular-based games in the past, Blaster Master being one of the most famous examples, but the sheer power and scale of these mechs were a sight to behold.

They were limited in scope and only in a few levels for clear balance reasons, as they’d instantly decimate everything in your path. Everyone who played the X series probably remembers them, and now they’re going to be immortalized in figure form. Over at the New York Toy Fair two pieces are on display — ride armors for Mega Man X and Vile. They’ll run you $50 each when they arrive later this year, and will fit the “66 Action” mini-figure line, which retails for $8.

So yeah, $58 gets you a ride and a rider. If I had more shelf space for Mega Man I’d probably oblige.

Preternia [Twitter via Rockman Corner]

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