Mega Man X Legacy Collection’s ‘X Challenge’ crossover mode looks like one of the best extras ever

I’m pumped

Picture this, a Wolverine-claw laden tiger of the neon variety and a fire dragon robot that takes after Ryu from Street Fighter team up against Mega Man X — despite the fact that they’re from different games (X3 and X4 respectively). It’s all part of the gimmick of the “X Challenge” mode in the upcoming Mega Man X Legacy Collections, which will each have their own set of challenges residing within them.

It’s an ambitious new mode that goes above and beyond your typical re-release inclusion, and you can get a good look at it in Capcom’s new trailer below. Many seemed to be theme, like the arctic Chill Penguin and Frost Walrus, and the aforementioned Neon Tiger and Magma Dragoon.

I’m way into it and at this point I just want to see how deep it goes — a lot hinges on how replayable it’ll be with higher difficulty settings jacked up.

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