Mega Man X and Battle Network live on in these new official models

From Kotobukiya

Mega Man merch may never die.

The Mega Man series died at one point. Then it came back to life! It may die again. But we will always have merch. Merch…never changes.

Like the George Lucas of the video game world, Capcom has more merch SKUs each year than there are Mega Man games at this point. Many of them are figures and the like, ranging from the most casual blind box packages to the discerning hobbyist models. Manufacturer Kotobukiya has been partaking in that latter line for a while, and this past week, they just unveiled a few more beauties.

Shown off via their new livestream (the model talk for Mega Man X starts about 35 minutes in, timestamped here, with the Battle Network model talk kicking off around an hour and a half), Mega Man X and Battle Network non-painted models are incoming. The Mega Man X version will be more posable, even including an option to make him look like he’s jumping through a boss door, or squinting while holding in a charged buster shot.

The Battle Network model has its own flair, with cuter more casual poses, as well as the option to wield his signature sword. You can find more info on the figures on this landing page. At this time, release dates and pricing are “undecided,” as per a listing on the site.

Mega Man [Kotobukiya]

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