Mega Man Star Force is getting a massive Sound Box soundtrack compilation for Mega Man’s 30th

Out on July 4

Mega Man Star Force kind of gets left out of the general “Mega Man conversation,” but Capcom is changing that, at least for a brief period in July.

The publisher just announced that they’re printing a Shooting Star Rockman Sound Box, which is a soundtrack compilation involving the entire Mega Man Star Force series. It’s a three-disc set that covers the entire sub-franchise, and for the first time, will include music from the third game. It’ll run you 3,800 yen (roughly $36), and will release on July 4.

All copies will include composer comments in a little booklet. I’m not a big enough Star Force fan for this (every time I want to replay the series I just gravitate toward Battle Network) but I know you’re out there!

Mega Man Star Force Sound Box [Capcom via Rockman Corner]

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