Mega Man made out of Post-it Notes is an awesome thing

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Awesome, no?

In case the headline didn’t quite spell it out for you enough, that is Mega Man made entirely out of Post-it Notes on a college dorm room wall. Not only does it look perfect, but it boggles my mind that one can find Post-it Notes in the exact color scheme of Mega Man (except for the black evidently). There are either far more Post-it Note colors in the world than I knew about, or that is an incredible coincidence.

What is the most amazing part about this is that the creator of this radicalness apparently forgot he made it until he found these photos of it on his computer. How do you forget you made a giant Post-it Note Mega Man on your wall? How amazing is the rest of this guys life that this gets swept behind him only to be rediscovered? Maybe he recreated the Mona Lisa out of chewing gum directly after this or something.

Mega Man in Post-it Notes [POWRDUP]

[Thanks, pikachuxisxawesome]

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