Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 are coming to Switch next year with amiibo support

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So this Mega Man 30th anniversary stream was definitely worth watching.

A lot of people expected disappointment, as the last seven years has basically wrought, but we got the announcement of a Mega Man X Collection that’s coming to all major platforms, and a new Mega Man game — Mega Man 11, set to arrive in late 2018.

We also got another tidbit of info for those of you who were confused to as to the state of the original Legacy releases for Switch. Both Legacy Collections, which collectively contain Mega Man 1-10, are heading to the platform in 2018 with amiibo support.

Conspicuously missing was confirmation for the 3DS edition of Legacy Collection 2, despite the fact that the first launched with a 3DS version. As I’ve been saying recently, I’m worried for the platform as the Switch continues to snatch up more and more games that used to be prime real estate for it.

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