Mega Man 9’s in-game store revealed: Transvestite Man power-up costs 200 bolts?

Today, revealed some interesting details about the in-game store/shop to be featured in Mega Man 9. Just like in Mega Man 7 and 8, the shop here is run by Auto (the strangely Mr. Destructoid-esque robot mechanic), who can produce some mega-mildly useful power-ups from bolts found throughout the game. 

But hello, what’s this? Some of the power ups here are a bit “different”, like the book that allows for Mega Man to change his hairstyle, and a Roll head that lets Mega Man… dress like his sister Roll? We can’t be sure, as the translation of the power-up is just “Costume”, but seeing as how Roll’s head is the item’s icon, we have reason to believe that Mega Man 9 will be the first game in the series to feature full on cross-dressing. 

There goes any chance for modern youth to grow up right. Because of this game, boys of today are all going to end up thinking wearings dresses is ok… AND IT’S NOT.

OK, I could be jumping to conclusions. This power-up might just give Mega Man the option for new looks. Ryu, Zack (and Wiki for Rush), or Frank West flavored outfits would all be cool, new, non-transvestite fashion options for the Blue Bomber. Even so, with Roll’s head as the icon, this power-up still implies dirtyness. Is she the one dressing Mega Man? Or maybe she’s the one physically helping him take his clothes on an off? No matter how you slice it, this the kinkiest Mega Man power-up to hit the series since the “Hard Knuckle”, obtained from the (insert penis joke here) “Hard Man” back in Mega Man 3.

First sexual innuendo, now cross dressing, or at least, having your sister pick out your clothes for you? What’s next, Mega Man? Kissing a Hedgehog? Luke Skywalker meets Debbie Does Dallas? When will videogame’s sick river of filth ever stop it’s poisoning passage into the pure, prepubescent minds of our innocent, impressionable youth?

Jonathan Holmes
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