Mega Man 9 is going to make you its b*tch

Amidst the slew of pathetic “casual” games and developers frightened of alienating precious “newcomers” by making videogames too challenging, Mega Man 9 producer Hironobu Takeshita is set to throw caution to the wind and produce a worthy Mega Man successor. MM9 promises to be one that will challenge old school players who miss their videogames putting up a stiff resistance.

Mega Man 9 is very hard,” stated Takeshita. “We didn’t want to do Mega Man, but easy. We want players to get better, we want them to remember.

“I’ve always tried to challenge players and I think there are gamers who miss being challenged by games.”

Great news for retro fans, whose stone-clad skin can feel nothing but the harshest of punishment. While I’m personally not a fan of “hard for the sake of hard” games, I am at least relieved to hear that some people in the industry aren’t terrified of scaring off the “new” demographic and nestle themselves at the other end of the spectrum.

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