Mega Man 9 delight: Splash Woman and Plug Man revealed!

Do you see this devastingly beautiful thing I have put before you, ladies and gentleman? We are finally looking at the FIRST FEMALE BOSS in the history of classic Mega Man titles. Look at this bad bitch!

In an exclusive feature over at GamesRadar, character art for both Splash Woman and Plug Man was revealed, causing more than a flutter in this dear old retro gamer’s heart. There are screens as well, which you can check out in the gallery — check out that nice big shot of the sprites! That’s freaking beautiful!

According to the article, beating Splash Woman earns you a weapon called the Laser Trident (which sounds completely rad) and beating Plug Man earns you the Plug Ball. No offense to Plug Man or anything (not that he should bother since you’re going to stomp him anyway), but that Laser Trident looks light years cooler than the Plug Ball. Plus, the Plug Ball sounds like an anal toy. Not good.

We won’t have much longer to wait until we can weep tears of delicious agony as these bosses and their levels cause us to die over and over. Are you ready?

[Thanks, Andrew]

Colette Bennett