Mega Man 9 dated for North America, Proto Man DLC confirmed

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First thing is first: Mega Man 9 has been officially dated for North America. Rejoice! The title will be coming to WiiWare on September 22, PlayStation Network on September 25, and Xbox LIVE Arcade on October 1. The game will cost $9.99 — in moon money, that’s 1000 Wii Points and 800 MS Points. 

But if you want more than the game itself, Capcom are giving you the opportunity to spend more cash. GamesRadar has exclusively revealed that you’ll be able to download a playable Proto Man (Mega Man’s robotic brother) on October 6 for roughly 2 dollars (do your own Wii Points and MS Points math, buddy). 

Proto Man sounds pretty fancy, too. He can slide, charge his shots, and deflect some bullets with a shield. He will, however, be more vulnerable to attacks — he’ll get pushed back a little father when hit with bullets than Mega Man will. Throw in the Pro adapters for a sled, a coil, and more, and it’s almost as if you’re looking at a different game. 

Now excuse me while I wait at my door for the mailman to arrive with that awesome Mega Man 9 press kit …

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