Mega Man 9 arranged soundtrack website provides free samples

Is Mega Man 9 getting a little over-exposed? Inti Creates, the game’s developer, doesn’t seem to think so. They haven’t wasted anytime in releasing yet another Mega Man 9 soundtrack, this time ditching the chip tunes sound that Mega Man 9 is famous for in favor of electric guitars, violins, and a whole bunch of synthesizers. Also, a cute girl singing her squeaky heart out. 

Hit this link and click on the samples at the top of the page to listen for yourself. If you like what you hear and have a way to buy stuff from Japanese websites, you apparently get a keen over-jacket sticker of the soundtrack’s cover if you pre-order it directly from E-Capcom or participating stores. The soundtrack goes on sale October 25th, so start saving up now.

Personally, I hoping they release these alternate arrangements as DLC for Mega Man 9. I love the game’s soundtrack as it is, but that Hornet Man remix is too jazzy to deny. 

[Thanks Brad for the translation help!] 

Jonathan Holmes
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