Mega Man 11’s Blast Man is anime as hell and his stage looks awesome

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“You’ll pay for the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge” — that’s the sort of cheese I love to see in a blog post peddling a new Mega Man 11 Robot Master.

It’s been a while! Mega Man 9 and 10 were cool and all (especially 9, which has some of the best levels in the series and is perfect for speedrunning), but I love this return to the emotive style of Mega Man 8, talking Robot Masters and all. This new guy looks like he talks, among other things. 

Blast Man (DWN, or Dr. Wily Number, 083), presumably no relation to BlastMan.EXE, was revealed this week by Capcom, alongside of his “tricky power plant” stage — which he’s basically turned into his own theme park, featuring…himself. He’s a classic narcissist and I can’t wait to blast him with his weakness. Sniper Joes return to block the way on top of new 11-centric enemies, and damn it all looks great.

His weapon is the Chain Blast, a bomb that “floats bombs across the screen that stick to enemies along the way.” Capcom also highlights the game’s time attack mode as well as Balloon attack, which removes the game’s enemies in favor of bonus balloons and forces you to race against the clock; destroying blue ones and avoiding red penalty balloons. Capcom teases “other challenging modes” too like score attack (get as many points as possible) and jump saver mode (limited or scored jumps).

Looking good!

Mega Man 11 [Capcom Unity]

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