Mega Man 11 quietly became the best-selling game in the series

best-selling Mega Man 11

It hit 1.6 million in sales according to Capcom data

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It’s wild seeing the disparity between how big some series seem, and how big they really are. Metroid is one that comes to mind. While the Mega Man series is mighty in terms of raw number of games, it doesn’t always lead to mega sales. Mega Man 11 however, can be considered a success by nearly any metric. Especially after learning that it’s taken the top spot overall in terms of overall sales. “Best-selling Mega Man 11” has kind of a ring to it, especially given the circumstances behind its release, and how it effortlessly swooped in and crushed Mighty No. 9.

The data comes directly from Capcom, who updated their sales figures over on their official site (thanks Nintendo Life!). If you scroll quite a ways down, all the way past tons of Monster Hunter, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Dead Rising entries, and even a few Onimusha titles (bring this series back!), you’ll see Mega Man 11 at number 67 overall with 1.6 million in sales. That puts it above the previous champion, Mega Man 2, which sports 1.51 million in sales and helped kick off an empire.

So where’s Mega Man 12? We can only hope it’s in the works at some point, and builds on the foundation of everything Mega Man 11 was; but with feedback and enhancements. I’d love to see a bigger budget rendition of Mega Man 8: anime cutscenes and all.

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