Mega Man 11 producer basically confirms that a new game is being worked on in 2019

‘In 2019, I would like to make steady preparations for what’s next’

While we aren’t 100% sure how Mega Man 11 did sales-wise outside of its first week in Japan, Capcom is seemingly happy with how it turned out critically (it was even up for awards at some outlets). 

That could translate to a full-on Mega Man revival, as the game’s producer, Kazuhiro Tsuchiya, is looking to the future. Based on an interview with 4Gamer, Tsuchiya isn’t done yet, stating: “In 2018, we were able to safely release Mega Man 11. This is also a thank-you to all of the game fans. In 2019, I would like to make steady preparations for what’s next, so there may not be any major action, but I hope you can all watch over me with warm eyes…!”

While Mega Man 12 seems like a no-brainer with the same engine and concepts, there have been rumors of a new Mega Man X game floating around for some time, perpetuated by Capcom. Whatever this new mysterious project is, the future looks bright for Mega Man.

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