Mega Man 11 official guide announced, first Mega Man guide since 2006

I guess you could say he’s back

Mega Man guides are just fun to crack open, especially for the latter exploration-centric entries. My favorite bit? All of the Robot Master sections, flavorful descriptions and all; some even add some not-so-canon extra details in for fun. I hope there’s lots of that in the new Mega Man 11 guide.

Yep, as Rockman Corner points out, Capcom has announced the first Mega Man guide since 2006’s official ZX print. It’ll sport a 30 year celebration section of sorts, interviews “from the talented minds” behind the game, a fan art section, the walkthrough naturally, and a digital copy.

Covering strategy guides for any old game isn’t a normal occurrence, but given that this book is a celebration of three decades of Mega Man history it’s kind of a big deal. A lot is riding on Mega Man 11.

Mega Man 11: Official Collector’s Edition Guide [Amazon via Rockman Corner]

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