Mega Man 10 rumors today, potential info dump tomorrow

Do you read The Fanboy Review everyday? Me neither, but I think that’s about to change. Back on November 21st, a good two weeks before the news about Mega Man 10 broke,The Fanboy Review put up a pretty detailed post about the game. Some of what they reported, like the robo-virus storyline, the playable Proto Man, and continued use of the NES style graphics, turned out to be totally accurate. That makes the other stuff they mention, like 2-player co-op and Bass being the third playable (via DLC) all the more credible.

We may be getting official word on all this (and who knows what else) in less than 24 hours. Capcom’s giving away Mega Man-style E tanks (as opposed to Sheep Man-style E tanks) tomorrow at some sort of event in Los Angeles to coincide with Spike’s VGA ceremony. That seems like the perfect opportunity to officially announce Mega Man 10, doesn’t it? 

Actually, I guess the actual VGAs would be the real perfect opportunity to announce a new title in one of gaming’s longest running and most beloved series, but from what I can tell, paying attention to games like Mega Man 10 isn’t what the VGAs are all about.

Unless of course, Mega Man 10 ends up starring Snoop Dogg and Kim Kardashian‘s ass.


Jonathan Holmes
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