Mega 64 does Dead Rising

There are two things on the Internet that I will whore out until the day I die. The first thing I will always whore myself out to will be Destructoid (and everything that’s apart of the N33T network). Niero actually owns my soul and gaming consoles so I kinda have no choice. The second thing I will always whore myself out too is Mega64. I love and envy everything these geniuses do.

Their latest skit takes place in the Dead Rising universe. The Mega64 crew goes to a local mall and proceed to reenact scenes from Dead Rising

Do be sure to check out their podcast while you’re at their site. I’m not a fan of Podcasts in general, but aside from Destructoid’s Podtoid, Mega64’s is the only other one I care for. Seriously, it’s awesome. On one of their last Podcasts, they had a contest to see who could drink milk and eggnog the most and fastest. It’s always great to hear vomit coming through my speakers. There is even video of it too!

Hamza Aziz