Meet Your Maker will be a day 1 PlayStation Plus game next month

Meet Your Maker

Try out meeting your maker

Raiders and Builders alike will be able to jump into the fort defense action right away next month. Behaviour Interactive’s Meet Your Maker hits on April 4, and will launch on day 1 with PlayStation Plus.

Meet Your Maker will be part of the upcoming April 2023 PlayStation Plus Monthly Games lineup. Since it’s in the monthly lineup, that means it should be available for all PlayStation Plus owners, regardless of which tier they’re subscribed to.

Here’s a look at the gameplay in the new day 1 release trailer:

The building-and-raiding action game will also be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

If you build it, they will invade

Meet Your Maker is a multiplayer game with an interesting asymmetrical set-up. Builders can set up fortresses, replete with traps and enemies to face and precious treasure at the center. Raiders then try to sneak in and take the goods, avoiding all the deathtraps and guards along the way.

It’s an interesting set-up that reminds me a bit of the multiplayer of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. And if you have PlayStation Plus, then that’s easy enough to try out and see if it sticks for you.

Also, this adds another PlayStation Plus pick-up for Sony. It’s been interesting to see the PlayStation maker try to pick up more Plus launches, and having this one available to all users is nice. While games like Stray and the upcoming Tchia were both locked day-one in for Plus, they were for the upper tiers of the subscription service.

We’ll see what the building and raiding holds for PlayStation Plus subscribers and other players alike when Meet Your Maker launches on April 4.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter