Meet Tora of the Mini Ninjas

Eidos has been feeding us adorable tidbits of Mini Ninjas for a while now and it looks absolutely adorable. This new trailer is no exception. In it, the Ninja Master talks about Tora, one of his most skilled ninja who was sent off to discover the source of a disturbance in the balance of nature and has yet to return. He thinks he’s a tiger. It’s positively adorable.

Cute as it may be, Burch and Davis played Mini Ninjas at E3 and came away disappointed, citing shallow gameplay and graphical problems in the Wii version. That’s a shame, because the visual style is so promising and I really dig the voice-over in this brief trailer. Perhaps it will be better on the other platforms, but I’m not holding my breath.

Hit the jump to see the trailer, though. It’ll make you want to hug something.

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