Meet ‘The Ballad of Gay Tony’s’ Yusuf Amir

This afternoon Rockstar North pushed out another teaser trailer for “The Ballad of Gay Tony,” the second piece of DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV. Like the last little vignette, this one focuses on a single character: Yusuf Amir. Those with good memories will remember clearing out a business of his in the Playboy X mission “Deconstruction for Beginners.”

Amir possesses quite the swagger. Of course, what corrupt billionaire property owner in Liberty City doesn’t? “You see this city,” Amir asks in the teaser. “I own it — everything,” he replies to himself.  

Hit the button for the video and keep an eye out for the new episode. It’s slated to hit Xbox LIVE Marketplace and retail — via the Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City package — on October 29th.


Brad BradNicholson