Meet Oghren, Dragon Age: Origins’ deadly dwarf

Meet Dragon Age: Origins’ Oghren. He’s a liquor-swilling dunderhead dwarf with a wicked axe and the skills to swing it. When he’s not busy killing Dark Spawn or falling unconscious in the middle of a conversation, he’s searching for his wife who vanished into the dangerous Deep Roads after he entered her “noble” house.

In the above, you’ll get a taste of Oghren’s Gimli-ish edge as well as glance his gorgeous blade work as he hacks and slashes a variety of monsters. This red-bearded midget demon is what Origins is all about. Enjoy.

Also, don’t pay attention to the asterisk next to the PS3 version’s release date at the end of the trailer. Earlier this afternoon, BioWare said it would hit November 3 with the rest of the versions of the game.

Brad BradNicholson