Meet Jaal, a squadmate from one of Mass Effect: Andromeda’s few new alien races

Also, meet the Angarans

It seems as though a lot about Mass Effect: Andromeda will feel familiar. Even though there’s an entire universe to draw from, the cast will be mostly the same. Humans, Turians, Salarians, Krogans, Asari — those are the folks we can expect to spend the most time with in this brand new galaxy.

BioWare’s introducing a few new races in Andromeda, though. For instance, the Kett is a new organic species that will serve as one of the main antagonist races. There’s also the Angara who are more friendly, even if it’s with reluctance.

This new video narrated by BioWare and posted exclusively by IGN details your Angara teammate named Jaal. He’s a high-ranking member of the Angaran resistance, the ones who are on the ground fighting the Kett and protecting their planet. That is, obviously, before the he sidles up to Ryder and makes a new home on the Tempest.

Jaal and the Angarans stand to be one of the more interesting inclusions to Mass Effect: Andromeda simply because we don’t know what to expect of them. We know Salarians will be science-focused, Turians will be military-oriented, and Krogans will just hate everyone and everything. Angarans? We aren’t sure what they’re all about. But, the Andromeda Initiative is all about discovery, so let’s make friends with some fresh faces.

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