Meet BioShock Infinite’s ‘Handyman’

By now, you’ve seen the trailer for Irrational Games’ next title, BioShock Infinite. It’s got “BioShock” in its title, but it’s not a BioShock sequel, but it’s kind of a BioShock game in spirit. Confused? The developer didn’t make things any less confusing by putting a Big Daddy-like enemy in the trailer, but they were quick to point out that it’s not actually a Big Daddy.

On the latest episode of the consistently excellent Irrational Behavior podcast, the beast was given a name: the “Handyman.” Concept artist Rob Waters details the origins and evolution of the character, saying it went from featuring giant mechanical crab claws to the hands (made out of porcelain, apparently) that we see today.

“The functionality problem was that claws are for grabbing, and not for pushing or punching,” he explains. “This guy’s actual functionality was to punch.”

And that, folks, is why the Handyman has hands. Also, because “Crabby McClawerson” sounds stupid, I’d guess. BioShock Infinite is out the distant future of 2012; we previewed the hell out of it not too long ago.

New BioShock enemy’s name revealed [Eurogamer]

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