Media Create numbers say that Xbox 360 did not outsell Wii

Yesterday we said that the Xbox 360 managed to outsell the Wii last week, September 8-14, in Japan. Media Create begs to differ, although the race is close either way.

When most of the gaming press reports on Japanese sales, they use the Media Create numbers. Jim’s report yesterday comes from Famitsu’s numbers, gathered by parent company Enterbrain.

Media Create says that Wii moved 29,686 units sold, followed by Xbox 360 with 28,188. Not that it matters that much who outsold who. The real news is that the recent releases of role-playing games, alongside price drops, has brought about new console sales for Microsoft.

In the end, regardless of who you believe, all of the console sales continue to pale to the DS’s sales in Japan, with this week’s numbers coming out to about twice the Wii or Xbox 360.

[Via Edge]

Dale North